Qualities of Professional SEO Company

Finding an SEO company is not easy. You can see hundreds of SEO companies online, but how can you say that it"s the right one?

To guide you on that, always remember the “Project Management Triangle." There are three main constraints in SEO projects: Quality, Time, and Cost. You can only pick two to see the outcome of the options.

If you choose: Time, Cost, Quality Triangle

  • Excellent Quality and Affordable Cost, it won"t be fast
  • Affordable Cost and Fast Service, it won"t be excellent
  • Fast Service and Excellent Quality, it won"t be affordable

Also, take note of these qualities. Here are five characteristics that best SEO companies possessed.

1. Transparent

If you are transacting with a professional SEO company, they will tell you the details that they would do on your website, in an easy to digest report. Expect to receive reports such as:

  • Graphs showing the traffic on your site
  • Monthly summaries of your site"s ranking
  • Weekly keyword reports

Road to SuccessA professional SEO company will never compromise your trust. They will reach out to you. A lot. That"s why if the SEO company you are working with seldom explains the works they are doing, then you might be working with the wrong one.

2. No false promises

No one knows more than an SEO Professional that reaching the top of the search page is no easy task. Online business is a very competitive market. You spend on SEO, so is your competitors. In fact, a report forecasted that the U.S spending on SEO would reach roughly 80 billion in 2020.

If your SEO company is promising you an overnight success, then they might be talking about directing spammy links that though will boost your website"s traffic overnight, might get it blacklisted in the long run.

3. Values long-term success

As the proverb goes, “there is no shortcut to success," the same thing applies to SEO. A Professional SEO company will ethically do their job, guiding your website in a way that will yield long-term success. They also have a foresight. Making sure that your site will remain stable even though the project becomes over.

4. Wide SEO expertise

Social Media Marketing

SEO might be a three-letter word, but there are actually in fact, numerous elements that compose SEO. To be called an SEO expert, they must know multiple specializations in SEO. Look for these following skills:

  • Keyword Research – Each website has different keyword needs. A Keyword research is a must to identify the specific keywords that your website has to target.
  • Content Creation – this includes relevant articles that contain unique keywords that will help your site rank well in SERPs.
  • Social Media Marketing – it is essential for a business to have their own Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A Professional SEO company will help boost your social media presence by making powerful content and attracting followers
  • Link BuildingInternal and external links are important in SEO. Relevant links will significantly improve in your site"s ranking.
  • On-Page Optimization – Adding Meta Tags, removing duplicate content will increase your site"s traffic.

5. Passionate

There are different kinds of people in the SEO industry. And you might want to work with someone who loves what they are doing. A Passionate SEO expert goes beyond being skilled – they give value and honor to their work. They thrive on overcoming barriers and are open to learning new skills.

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SEO companies are everywhere. You can search online, and in a few seconds, hundreds will pop up. But, not all SEO companies are the same. Take time and do a background research on the company that you are eyeing and of course, always consider these qualities.

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