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Urban Agriculture as an Integrative Factor of Climate-Optimised Urban Development, Casablanca / Morocco

Urban Agriculture Casablanca is a German-Moroccan research project of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the megacity research programme "Research for the Sustainable Development of Megacities of Tomorrow, Focus: Energy- and climate-efficient structures in urban growth centres".

Based on the results of the preliminary project phase (07/2005 – 03/2008), Urban Agriculture Casablanca is a research and development project with a main project phase of five years duration (04/2008 – 03/2013).

Summer School Médiouna

The second edition of the Summer School on Urban Agriculture in Casablanca.

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Action Plan (french version)

Based on results from the workshop on the "Anchoring of Urban Agriculture in Grand Casablanca" (2011, Sept 23rd), the inter-administrative working group "Casablanca as a city model for urban agriculture" (2011, May-Sept) and the experiences from the pilot projects of the UAC project (since 2005).

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Conference Future Megacities in Action

The international conference Future Megacities in Action will highlight good practice examples of energy and climate efficient urbanisation from Asia, Africa and America, set against the European background. It will feature the results of the research programme “Future Megacities” funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research since 2005: technical, social and economic solutions developed by participating bilateral and trans-disciplinary research teams for and with cities. It will also present innovative approaches taken in other cities that stand out in their efforts towards achieving greater sustainability.

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Welcome to the colloquium on the contribution of urban agriculture to the sustainable development of emerging megacities.

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Special Topos Edition on Urban Agriculture

In March 2011 the UAC project published a special issue of the topos, which presents the results of the research project on Urban Agriculture under the aspect of "Design as an integrative Factor of Research"

Here you can download the Callway publication Topos 74

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Partner Institutions

Future Megacities

Future Megacities Short Film "Urban Agriculture in Casablanca, Morocco"

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Radio documentation on pilot projects 2 and 4 (Deutschland Radio Kultur) 

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Inauguration of the water purification plant with visit by the king

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